Prefabricated buildings

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A stand-alone core competence of BFL.

The buildings are designed for different areas of application:

  • Switching and transformer stations
  • Rail switch heating stations
  • Telecommunications stations
  • Water and waste water pump stations
  • Cable houses on motorways
  • Pump houses
  • Railroad crossing houses
  • Radio houses

Our prefabricated buildings can be adapted to almost all application conditions imaginable:

  • Panel construction or sandwich construction
  • Two model series with and without basement
  • The different types of buildings can be combined, into systems of several buildings
  • Intermediate walls can be arranged in any manner
  • Various intermediate floors and cable routing systems
  • ventilation and exhaust equipment as required
  • Outer wall surfaces finished with synthetic plaster, exposed aggregate concrete, clinker, or textured plaster
  • Extensive range of doors
  • Flat, gabled, and hip roofs
  • Possibility of completion in the factory by outfitters and/or our own subcontractors from other building trades
  • Complete pumping stations in combination with our shaft constructions
  • Installation by BFL possible

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