Prefabricated components for vehicle scales

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Prefabricated reinforced concrete components for vehicle scales from Lauchhammer stand for quick installation, low construction costs, and high cost-effectiveness.
Our prefabricated components are used by leading scale manufacturers and are characterized by the following special features:

  • Modular system with sophisticated concrete construction for truck scales
  • Matched prefabricated foundation and weighing bridge constructions
  • Complete in-factory, weather-independent prefabrication of concrete components
  • Maintenance free, easy to clean
  • Adaptable to all load cells commonly available on the market
  • Calculated on the basis of the most recent regulations and manufactured in coordination with the corresponding approval authorities
  • Certified structural analyses
  • Installation "from a single company" in just a few hours on the foundations provided at the construction site

Advantages of Types:

Prefabricated components for underground scales

for use under extreme conditions
Prefabricated components for
above-ground scales

possible to relocate later
Prefabricated components for
flat scales

flat design, maximum installation depth of 83 cm, two-piece scale pit and
two-piece weighing bridge

Latest modification: 16.02.2016