Prefabricated components for railroad construction


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Prefabricated reinforced concrete components for railroad construction
In industrial plants, ports, and level transitions in combined traffic scenarios, the picture is always the same: heavy duty loading equipment and road vehicles share the traffic and storage areas with the railroad traffic.

It usually does not take long until damage is incurred. Rails become loose, surface reinforcements crumble to pieces, hazardous grooves form and become deeper, and the first few asphalt patches appear.
To counteract these problems, the BFL has developed a new track slab that forms an ideal connection between the railroad, traffic area, and storage area.
With a weight of up to 5.5 metric tons, track slabs from Lauchhammer guarantee optimal and permanent positional stability even when subject to extreme loads.

The high quality prefabricated concrete components are practically indestructible and feature easy installation, unlimited lifespans, and high cost-effectiveness.

Working pits proven in numerous applications ... coming soon ...

Latest modification: 21.12.2020