Collection systems according to the WHG
  (German Water Resources Act)

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WHG_Zugwasch_05 WHG_Zugwasch_04
WHG_Kesselwagen_02 WHG_Keselwagen_01

Collection systems for rail- and road-based traffic, in particular for securing tanking systems, for rail tank car systems, and exterior cleaning systems of the DB AG as well as for systems to protect the ground and water table from becoming contaminated with chemicals, fuels, or similar substances hazardous to water.

Advantages of the BFL collection systems:

  • Uncomplicated authorization process, approval of the DIBt already obtained
  • High quality through weather-independent manufacturing with manufacturer's declaration and quality verifications
  • In-factory coatings for the highest requirements
  • Uncomplicated installation without costly foundation measures








Latest modification: 12.06.2023