Object protection

BFL elements Juraschek - system for the protection of security-relevant objects.


Versatile application - overview of fields of application:


Nuclear power plants


Storage facilities


Chemical plants


Research institutes


Public buildings, embassies


Supply facilities


Defensive systems


Structural protection for individual parts of buildings at risk


Privacy and noise protection, protection walls in variable configurations that can be staggered up or down


As a shield protection against radiation and in areas subject to explosion hazards


Shelters in special technical construction


Supporting walls, staggered up or down, connected corresponding to the landscape


Special areas, for example for stepped terraces, ground reinforcement, and as borders

Type A and type B - can be combined flexibly 

The vehicle barriers generally consist of two types of structural elements (type A full element + type B wall element) that can be connected flexibly like links in a chain to form a line of protection.

They can be installed seamlessly and very quickly without a costly foundation and without anchors on a compressed bed of sand and gravel or on an existing asphalt surface. This results in significant economic advantages in terms of their initial installation as well as in terms of operating costs:

  1. The BFL ELEMENTS JURASCHEK SYSTEM can be set up, moved, extended, or replaced while the security measures are being implemented without requiring conventional construction measures.
  2. A tight, flexible connection between elements is guaranteed due to the functional shape of the interlocking connection, which connects like a plug-and-socket, without any aids such as bolts, etc.
  3. Temporary access points can be created quickly without time-consuming preparation.
  4. Solutions for problematic zones such as double door access systems and building connections can be created without additional anchoring in the ground or on parts of the building. Locations particularly at risk can be reinforced easily and to any thickness by combining one or more of the full elements.
  5. A pocket in the upper part of the full elements can be used as planter box (for plants).

Further details:

Reinforced concrete:C 35 / 45
Reinforcement:B 500 B
Steel forms:for exposed concrete surfaces
Full element – Type AModular dimensions L x W x H = 1.40 x 1.40 x 1.40 m
3 stainless steel transport and mounting anchors
Weight: approx. 6 t
Wall element – Type BModular dimensions L x H = 1.40 x 1.35 m
2 stainless steel transport and mounting anchors
weight: approx. 2 t

The planning of a static vehicle barrier requires precise knowledge of the static and dynamic forces in case of a collision. For this reason, every structural protection project using the BFL ELEMENTS JURASCHEK SYSTEM is individually customized to the particular object after taking all variables into account:

  • Required protective effect according to the security concept of the building; possibly corresponding to a prescribed catalog of protection measures

  • Landscape of the area to be secured

  • General design aspects

  • Specifications of the client in terms of flexibility and expandability.


The additive BFL ELEMENTS JURASCHEK SYSTEM allows linear arrangement along the X or Y axis; arcs with a 15° angle per connection; meandering at alternating 15° angles; vertically stacked to adapt to uphill or downhill parts of the area. The combination of the type A + B elements also enables it to be adapted to particular local situation after considering the various configurations in connection with double door access systems.

The elements are type-tested and do not require any additional building permits.

  • The BFL ELEMENTS JURASCHEK SYSTEM was tested in the area of structural protection at the request of the GRS (Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit, Cologne) by the state Materials Testing and Research Institute of the University of Karlsruhe.

  • The outstanding results of the tests performed confirmed the protective function of the elements as vehicle barriers for structural protection meeting the highest safety requirements.

  • The two standardized base elements form an additive interlocked system that is able to absorb tensile, pressure, and torsional forces through an elastic, form-fitting jointed connection. Tests showed that their high resistance to thrust loads arising during collisions by large off-road vehicles reliably prevented the vehicles from overcoming the vehicle barriers.






The structural protection elements were developed by Dipl.-Ing. Reinhard Juraschek, freelance architect, Karlsruhe (industrial property rights holder) in 1981 and are subject to industrial property rights.

The industrial property rights include the functional object, the elements, all visual representations related to the system such as drawings and descriptions, as well as the publishing rights.

Static analyses:
German Association of Consulting Engineers (VBI), German Association of Test Engineers (VPI) | Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Berlin, Freiburg

Manufacture and sales:
The sole right of use to manufacture, sell, and install the BFL ELEMENTS JURASCHEK SYSTEM belong to the B+F Beton- und Fertigteilgesellschaft mbH Lauchhammer.


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